Easy and Simply Meditations

MeditationsMeditation is the gateway to the soul. It provides the illuminated path of shifting from the ego self of the soul into spiritual oneness. It is the key to unlocking the ego self of the soul, shifting the energy of the ego self of the soul being one with our soul thereby bring spiritual oneness within us, within our soul.

It is within meditation that we shift vibrationally to connect with Spirit. Meditation assists us with our spiritual journey to realize our life’s purpose within this life experience. Benefits of meditation, though free from being sought in meditation, are indeed derived from meditation praxis. Some of them include being focused, centered, and grounded – especially midst the appearance of the illusion called distractions, soul balance and harmony, a deep genuine feeling of calm and relaxation, a continuous state of absolute love and well-being, a remembering of our connection with all, of all, for all, and in all that is, and an awareness of the one infinite moment.

If you’re finding mediation is difficult one easy way around you issues is to have a custom hypnosis mp3 or CD made for you. This is because mediation and hypnosis although being different in many respects. Hypnosis is easy to obtain with very little preparation and training and the can be reduced even further because of the availability of free hypnosis mp3 downloads and custom made hypnosis mp3 recordings. By learning mental relaxation through hypnosis it then become far easier to learn meditation.